Sunday, August 9, 2009

Boggan Cemetery CD available

The CD of the transcription and inventory of Boggan Cemetery, Monroe County, Mississippi, is now available for immediate shipment. The CD includes a list of burials and dates, an alphabetized list of burials and dates, as well as links to photographs of the grave markers found at Boggan Cemetery in 2009. Other information on the CD includes a map of the cemetery, information about using the lists, and general photographs of the cemetery.

To order your copy of this CD, send an email to

Place in the subject line: Order Boggan Cemetery CD
Place in the message body: Your name and complete mailing address

A confirmation email will be sent and shipping information/date of shipping will be emailed to you. CDs are mailed by first class US mail. The cost of the CD, including shipping, is $5.00

Order your copy today.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Boggan Cemetery

by Terry Thornton

The articles once posted at this site are now only available on CD. To acquire a copy of the list of burials at Boggan Cemetery including links to photographs of all of the grave markers, contact Terry Thornton

Reserve your copy of the Boggan Cemetery CD today. Anticipated cost (including shipping) is $5.00 per CD.